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For those training online with me:
  The group Skype classes listed below are 30 minutes each and are all "hands-on" workouts so be ready to go when class begins. Another option is my 1 on 1 coaching which will be more flexible on class times online. These individual classes are also 30 minutes or slightly more. Here are the first 5 group Skype classes and the purpose of each.
  Video analysis is also available. You would email me a video or post on youtube a short video of you running at practice or a competition and this provides me with a valuable tool. I will suggest additional pertinent exercises and workouts that will enhance your progress.

Class 1: Hip mobility: These are exercises and stretches specific to strengthening hip muscles and improving mobility so you increase your range of motion, allowing your stride to extend more easily.

Class 2: Start and acceleration: Techniques, exercises and drills to move from zero to sixty in the quickest manner possible. You will become stronger and more effective in these two critical areas of running.

Class 3: Core strengthening: Your core strength is critical to successfully being able to hold your posture under the high stress of sprinting. Specific running related core exercises will be learned and performed at your own pace during class. This is a step by step process to become able to be your best in this aspect of running form. My experience as a personal trainer in over 2,500 classes has allowed me to work with clients who were beginners as well as advanced athletes so please understand that I will make sure that the exercises we do at any time are geared to where you are "right now" and are progressive so that we build the pyramid, starting with the base, just as we do in all other aspects of training. My classes have always had every level from starters to advanced in the same group.
 Class 4: Stride power: To sprint your fastest, you need a combination of fast leg turnover along with stride distance. My "stride power" class will teach you hands-on exercises and the relevent stretches to work on in your training. In this class, I will demonstrate the exercise or stretch and then I will watch you do the same and you will get my immediate feedback. Improvement in this area of sprinting shows immediate results on the track.

Class 5: Running form: What is form? With respect to sprints, you want to become a "forward propulsion machine". All of the factors involved along with specific drills will be addressed in this class. You will learn both the body position you should be focusing on in your training as well as knowing what this should "feel like". When you are "holding your form" while running at high speed, this means you are decelerating at a slower pace than when you do not hold your form.

AFTER YOU COMPLETE THE 5 SKYPE CLASSES: These classes will substantially improve your hip mobility, hip strength, stride length, core strength, running form, hamstring strength as well as your start and acceleration. You will learn the drills and exercises and I will make sure you know the correct form for all of them. Without the correct form, improvement is not likely because most people will still be compensating. (using their already strong muscle groups primarily) You can take just the 5 classes or continue working with me on those that you want more improvement in. During this time, I will also write up workouts for you if you want...since I will be getting to know you and what you need to improve at the track. No charge for this service.

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Steve Kemp: Canadian National Champion Decathlon
*3 Time World Champion Masters athlete, (High hurdles, decathlon and pentathlon) Also 11 Time U.S. National Masters champion track and field, including 2015 and 2016 U.S. National Masters Championship, Gold medalist in the Pentathlon event (Long Jump, Javelin, 200m, Discus, 1500m) "Masters" is age group competition for 35 and over.

 *Masters personal bests: 400m: 55.2, 800m: 2:12.6, 100m Hurdles: 14.72 (World Champion, 2003 Puerto Rico), 400m Hurdles: 61.13 :Pentathlon: 3754 Pts. (2009 US National Champion, Oshkosh) 200m: 25.33, 400m: 57.21, 600m: 1:35.4, 400m Hurdles:65.22 (2009 National Champion)

*Elite personal trainer, coach of Daphne Sluys, 2015 U.S. National Masters Champion in 100m, 200m and 400m and 2015 World Masters Gold Medalist in 400m, Lyon France. 2016 U.S. National Champion in 400m.  Previously, in 2014 before we started working together, Daphne was ranked 16th in the U.S.

*Division I competitive track and field athlete (4 time medalist in the Big 10 championships, long and triple jumps)
Open competition Personal bests:
LJ: 24' 8 1'2", Triple Jump: 48' 2". 100m: 10.6, 200m: 21.5, 400m: 48.7, 800m: 1:55.3, 1500m: 4:15.1,
Discus: 155', Shot Put: 46' 8", Javelin: 205', Pole Vault: 14' 6", High Jump 6'1 1/4". 110m HH: 14.82 Decathlon best: 7,552 pts.

*Specializing in: Speed development, functional strength, help improve quickness and coordination for all sports. Core strength improvement. Designing and implementing complete fitness and weight loss programs.

*National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer, 2003.
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